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Typo Janchi 2017

The 5th International Typography Biennale,
Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, Korea.
15th Sep ~ 29th Oct, 2017.

︎ Typo Janchi 2017

‘Type Sprout’ Digital C-Print + Diasec, 80x70cm, 2017.

‘Shiot Module’ (Korean alphabet ‘ㅅ'), Digital C-Print + Diasec, 118x43cm, 2017.

Digital C-Print + Diasec, 50x110cm, 2017.

Digital C-Print, 84x59cm, 2017.

Pigment Print on Paper, 38x122cm, 2017.

Working process of ‘Skeleton’.

‘Sharp Human’
Digital C-Print + Diasec, 48x48cm, 2017.

(mean illustrated picture book of animal or plant)
Pigment Print on Paper, 60x120cm, 2017.

‘Letter Mouth’
Digital C-Print, 72x42cm, 2017.

Photos of the show