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Dream Grammar

Drawing and cut out animation.
16mm film, 4min 41sec, 2005.
Cal Arts graduate school thesis work.

This animation won Fuji Eterna Award in EXiS. 2006.

Screened at Norwich International Animation Festival, Bradford Animation Festival, Flatpak, Syracuse film festival, Double Glazed.

Distributed in Italy by Italian independent film DVD distribution company, Kiwido.

Broadcasted on Art channel in Korea.

KODAK film grant awarded. 2004.

One sentence consists of several words, and changing a word makes the sentence have different meaning. This principle is similar to how dreams may change the elements in real life and make us see wholly different worlds. This is why the title is 'dream grammar'. This principle is also similar to the principle of cinema-animation.
In this film, I treat movements or events as a sentence. I treat scenes, frames, characters, and some other elements as a words, and change them quickly or slowly. I expect this main idea (changing elements) can tell us about undecidability.

Ultimately, I expect this project can show us a new way of thinking, logic, reason, and illusion. Language limits the way we think. But there is possible world beyond the boundary. I hope this work can show us the world and chance to think about how to approach it.